Monday, 30 January 2017

Strange UFO Or Beings From Another Dimension?




Aliens Or Beings From Another Dimension?

I would like relate to you a bizarre and strange account told to me by my brother many years ago, this event happened to him when he was around 10 years of age, he is now 45 and his story has never changed and he swears that every word of it is true. He is not the sort of person that makes claims on strange events happening to him , he is not one that sees ghosts, UFOs or anything else that might be classed as paranormal . 

As children we lived on a large housing estate in the English midlands, in fact at the time it was probably the largest housing estate in the whole of Europe. The estate was broken up into small areas each one had a road circling the whole of a single or double area almost like a ring road. One day on his way back from the shops my brother was walking towards home alongside this road when he was suddenly aware that everything had gone quiet, just complete silence,  no sound of birds , cars , airplanes ( we lived near an airport ) nothing.

Suddenly he began to hear a low humming sound and was startled to see a vehicle pull alongside him on the road. Now this is when it gets weird, the vehicle around the size of a minibus, hovered off the ground by a couple of feet, it was sort of rounded at each end and had what can only be described as round portholes for windows. Inside the windows faces stared back at him, when we asked what the people looked like he replied that they looked like nuns, he recalls now that is exactly how they looked, like nuns wearing habits who all stared at him unemotionally. The vehicle had a small chimney at its rear which emitted smoke and there was a strong smell of coffee in the air. After watching the object for around ten seconds it suddenly sped off at great speed but still kept to the lie of the road. Within seconds of the object disappearing everything seemed to go back to normal with cars once again appearing on the busy road and he was aware of sounds once again.

Now you can imagine at the time how much ribbing he took off myself and my fellow siblings for this strange story, so much so that our father eventually banned us from talking about it.

As someone who has an interest in the strange and paranormal i have many times over the years asked him to repeat this story to me, the details have never changed. I have researched on the internet for any stories that are similar, i have found nothing, if anybody that reads this knows of any accounts that resemble this one in any way, please leave a comment.