Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Some Classic Soul Music

Here are some of my faves

The Nitty Gritty
Shirley Ellis better known for the Clapping Song but i think this lesser known song is far better

Carol Cleveland - Love Will Set You Free
Heres one that's popular with Northern Soul lovers

 Raphael Saadiq - Love That Girl
A rarely heard track that has such a catchy riff. 
Here's a vid with a Northern lass getting down to it at one of the soul weekenders , Great.

Lulu - To Sir With Love

Theme tune the film which was something of a British ' Blackboard Jungle ' and starred Lulu and Sydney Poitier. A beautiful song sang by a superb vocalist.

 Edwin Starr - SOS

One from the late great Motown star


Sorry couldn't resist another on from the mighty Edwin - 25 miles.......

 Papa Was A Rolling Stone - Was Not Was

An awesome cover of the Temptations classic.

The Manhattans - Hurt

One for the erection section at the end of the school disco.


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