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Who do you think is the best Robin character in DCs Batman comics ?
The most well known version of Robin would be Dick Grayson who was the original Robin who made his debut in Detective Comics # 38 from 1940. Dick Grayson would also be the Robin familiar too anyone who has seen the campy TV series from the 1960s. Grayson still features in DC COMICS but is now the superhero Nightwing.

Dick Grayson first appearance in Detective Comics # 38

The second character to appear as Robin was Jason Todd who first appeared in the comics in 1983, Todd was a much more brash and arrogant persona than Grayson and wasn't too popular with the fans, DC took the unusual step of letting their readers participate in a phone vote on whether Todd should live or die, by a narrow margin the readership gave the thumbs down to the new Robin and he was soon killed off by the Joker in the " Death in the family " storyline.

The end of Jason Todd.

Tim Drake was the next to take up the cowl of Robin, like the two previous Robins Drake was an orphan, more popular than Jason Todd, Drake still appears in the DC continuity as the superhero Red Robin.

Tim Drake

 In Frank Millers groundbreaking graphic novel " The Dark Knight Returns ", Miller takes the unusual step as having a girl take up the mantel as Batman's sidekick, teenager Carrie Kelly helps a more mature Batman take down a street gang before the Dark Knight has a final confrontation with the government controlled Superman.
Carrie Kelly

 The first female character to appear in the comic book continuity as Robin was Stephanie Brown, Brown did not last long before she was killed by villain Black Mask but like most characters in comic books she didn't stay dead for long and returned as the new Batgirl. Since DC comics have been rebooted in the New 52 Brown no longer appears but there are rumors she will be making a comeback. The most recent version of Robin seen in comics is Damien Wayne, son of Batman Bruce Wayne, although he has also recently been killed off. My own personal favorite Robin has to be Carrie Kelly.

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