Tuesday, 10 December 2013


My youngest daughter is currently studying for a degree in Media Studies. As part of their course the students were asked to produce a short film on whatever subject they would like as part of project on film making. My daughter and her friend both having an interest in horror films decided to film some footage inside a local graveyard at dusk with the intent of using the footage as part of their film. While they were filming at the graveyard ( they spent about an hour there ) they did not notice anything unusual or untoward, indeed there was definitely no one else present as they were filming but when they played the tape back at college the next day they got quite a shock. As the two students played back the tape looking intently to where they may cut or add some special effect or sound, they could suddenly make out some faint voices in the background. After calling for some help from a fellow student who had knowledge of audio they were able to isolate and increase the volume of the voices they were hearing, one voice repeated in a rasping voice reminiscent of Regan the possessed child in the " Exorcist " , " Fuck me it's Spielberg " over and over again, while another voice giggled wickedly in reply to the first!

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