Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Who do you think is the best Robin character in DCs Batman comics ?
The most well known version of Robin would be Dick Grayson who was the original Robin who made his debut in Detective Comics # 38 from 1940. Dick Grayson would also be the Robin familiar too anyone who has seen the campy TV series from the 1960s. Grayson still features in DC COMICS but is now the superhero Nightwing.

Dick Grayson first appearance in Detective Comics # 38

The second character to appear as Robin was Jason Todd who first appeared in the comics in 1983, Todd was a much more brash and arrogant persona than Grayson and wasn't too popular with the fans, DC took the unusual step of letting their readers participate in a phone vote on whether Todd should live or die, by a narrow margin the readership gave the thumbs down to the new Robin and he was soon killed off by the Joker in the " Death in the family " storyline.

The end of Jason Todd.

Tim Drake was the next to take up the cowl of Robin, like the two previous Robins Drake was an orphan, more popular than Jason Todd, Drake still appears in the DC continuity as the superhero Red Robin.

Tim Drake

 In Frank Millers groundbreaking graphic novel " The Dark Knight Returns ", Miller takes the unusual step as having a girl take up the mantel as Batman's sidekick, teenager Carrie Kelly helps a more mature Batman take down a street gang before the Dark Knight has a final confrontation with the government controlled Superman.
Carrie Kelly

 The first female character to appear in the comic book continuity as Robin was Stephanie Brown, Brown did not last long before she was killed by villain Black Mask but like most characters in comic books she didn't stay dead for long and returned as the new Batgirl. Since DC comics have been rebooted in the New 52 Brown no longer appears but there are rumors she will be making a comeback. The most recent version of Robin seen in comics is Damien Wayne, son of Batman Bruce Wayne, although he has also recently been killed off. My own personal favorite Robin has to be Carrie Kelly.


My youngest daughter is currently studying for a degree in Media Studies. As part of their course the students were asked to produce a short film on whatever subject they would like as part of project on film making. My daughter and her friend both having an interest in horror films decided to film some footage inside a local graveyard at dusk with the intent of using the footage as part of their film. While they were filming at the graveyard ( they spent about an hour there ) they did not notice anything unusual or untoward, indeed there was definitely no one else present as they were filming but when they played the tape back at college the next day they got quite a shock. As the two students played back the tape looking intently to where they may cut or add some special effect or sound, they could suddenly make out some faint voices in the background. After calling for some help from a fellow student who had knowledge of audio they were able to isolate and increase the volume of the voices they were hearing, one voice repeated in a rasping voice reminiscent of Regan the possessed child in the " Exorcist " , " Fuck me it's Spielberg " over and over again, while another voice giggled wickedly in reply to the first!

Monday, 9 December 2013


Fancy having this sitting on your chest.

  Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and found that you cannot move, or even cry out for help,  then you  may well have experienced sleep paralysis.  If, during this bizarre paralysis, you suddenly felt that someone or something was watching you, you have come face to face with the waking hallucination known as the Intruder. If all this happens then a ghastly creature resembling a gnome or an old hag crawls onto you to whisper sweet nothings into your ear, congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones to know the Incubus.
But don't worry you are not alone.
Sleep Paralysis or to give it is scientific term Hypnagogic Hallucinations is quite common with up to 40% of the worlds population experiencing  the event at some time in their lives.
What causes sleep paralysis isn,t quite certain however the Greek physician Galen attributed it to indigestion!

Heres an example of a sufferers experience:
I am a 27 year old female and have been suffering for the past 12 or so years. It started just being unable to move, like someone was on top of me, pinning me down. And although I was trying with all my might to move or to scream, all I could do was barely wiggle my toes and faintly murmur. In the beginning it was very frightening and I would try with all my might to wake up. Upon waking I would be unable to resume sleep for at least a few hours. Now I have become somewhat used to them. Sometimes I even lie back and see how long I can take that awful, overpowering feeling. In the end, I always try to wake myself up. Over the years this "thing" has kind of metamorphosized into a dark being, something who is doing this deliberately to me for some reason. I guess this is something that I may have invented in my head to deal with it. I am not really sure. After I got used to it, I never really questioned it. It still occurs about every 2 months or so. Sometimes once a night, other times it can happen several times in one night.

Having suffered with similar experiences myself i know they are not very pleasant, i should imagine that Alien abduction experience is something closely related to sleep paralysis.

Here is another example
About a year and a half ago, I was awoken in the night by a strong, warm breeze. I could not move and could not scream. It lasted about 30 seconds and was gone. I saw nothing. Last week it happened again. I was lying in bed and again was awoken. I felt a very strong force holding me down. I could not sit up. I tried to scream for my daughter and could not get any noise to come out. I tried to hit the wall with my arm and this force would not let me. It again lasted about 30 seconds and was over. I really don't believe in ghosts and didn't see anything at all. I am just really scared and confused.

A medieval depiction of Old Hag the Incubus

 Sleep paralysis has been linked to other sleeping problems such as panic disorders , sleep apnea and narcolepsy, even though i have suffered with these events in the past, as terrifying as they are you somehow get used to them and there is usually a way for them to stop if you can eliminate stress and other worries from your life.