Monday, 15 July 2013

The Voynich Manuscript - The Unreadable Book That Confounds Science.

It is a manuscript written in a  language that is completely incomprehensible, illustrated with incomprehensible drawings from an unknown author. The Voynich Manuscript has puzzled historians and analysts for centuries and is believed to have been written  in the early part of the Fifteenth century. Studied over the years by some of the best professional and amateur cryptographers, including some of the top American and British “decoders” of the Second World War,  not a single word has yet been translated.
Named after a book dealer Wilfred Voynich who purchased the book in 1912 the book has some pages missing but contains 240 vellum pages.

The books illustrations have raised many theories about the origins of the book, its content, and the purpose it was created for. Some believe that it is some kind of alchemical herbarium or astrological manual.  The language used in the text is written in an unknown language that has yet to be deciphered , some have claimed that it is a  rare example of the phenomenon of automatic writing.The main question is though,  will its contents ever be understood?

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