Thursday, 4 July 2013

Phone Calls From The Dead

Actress Ida Lupino received a phone call from her father six months after his death; he told her the whereabouts of some papers to settle his estate. Unbelievable you may think, but many people have received phone calls from beyond the grave.

There is a phenomena in which people literally receive phone calls from the dead. The deceased caller usually had a close relationship with the recipient ie a relative or close friend. In such calls, the telephone may ring normally, but may sound flat and abnormal. The connection is poor and the voice of the deceased fades. The voice is usually recognizable, however, and often speaks of familiar or pet names and words. The phone call is terminated abruptly, either by the caller or by the line going dead. If the voice is faint, the recipient may hang up in frustration.

Imagine receiving a phone call from someone you know to be deceased, it would not be surprising if you entered a state of shock and hung up immediately. Imagine if you will having a 30 minute conversation with someone and then finding out they were dead! There have been reports of calls being received up to 2 years after the callers death. It seems the reason for the majority of calls are either to act as a warning or to finish some unfinished business as in the case of Ida Lupinos father.

In late 1969, a New Jersey rock musician Karl Uphoff received a phone call from his grandmother; nothing unusual about that you might think, but Karl's Gran had passed away two days earlier. Karl eighteen at the time of the phantom call,  had always shared a special bond  with his Gran, who was deaf.  Gran would regularly phone up Karl's friends and ask: 'Is Karl There?' but because she knew she wouldn't be able to hear the reply, Karl's Gran would then say, 'Tell him to come home at once.' Karl's friends were always irritated by the deaf old woman's constant calling, and used to tell Karl he shouldn't have given his Gran their phone numbers.

 After Karl's Gran had passed away Karl received a phone call. One evening in 1969, Karl was with his friends in the basement of an apartment in Montclair, New Jersey, when the mother of his friend came downstairs and said that Karl was wanted on the phone. When Karl went upstairs he talked to an old woman and realized he was talking to his Gran, who had recently died. Before he could ask her how she could talk to him when she was dead, the woman hung up. Many more calls followed, but on each occasion, when Karl's Gran was asked how she was still able to communicate, or what the 'other side' was like, the old woman would hang up. In the end, the calls stopped, but Karl felt that his Gran was still watching over him.

A woman who worked for Social Services in the USA received a phone call one day from a client the client remarked that she would not be needing the cheque that the woman had sent her, that same evening the woman looking through the obituaries in her local newspaper noticed the clients name among the recently deceased, i suppose money is no use in the afterlife.


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