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Any collector of anything has a dream list, a list of wanted items that they are determined to own, in my case i now have a list of comic books drawn up that i intend to get hold of. Of course everyone would like to own a copy of Action Comic # 1 ( first Superman ) or Detective Comics # 27 ( first Batman ) but with the price being around a 100 grand for even average copies these they are a bit out of my price range! Here's the list of books that are a bit more attainable that i intend to get my hands on in as high a grade as possible ( not necessarily key Batman, Superman books ) and the reasons why i intend to collect these books, some of these comic books i have already owned at some point in the past but have had to get rid of due to a bad gambling habit!

Nick Fury Agent Of  S.H.I.E.L.D #1

Nick Fury Agent Of  S.H.I.E.L.D# 1
This book is NOT the first appearance of Nick Fury, that happened in Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos # 1 from May 1963, it is not even the first appearance of Nick Fury as an agent of SHIELD as that appearance came in Strange Tales # 135 from Aug 1965, so what's the deal with this issue then you may ask, well, just look at that artwork, this Jim Steranko cover just screams 1960s to me, drawn in a pop art style reminiscent of Warhol i would just love to get my hands on high grade copies of all these early Steranko issues.

Nick Fury Agent Of  S.H.I.E.L.D # 4

Amazing Spider-man # 121 and 122

These two incredibly important comic book issues tell the story of how Spider-mans girlfriend Gwen Stacey is killed by the Green Goblin, the books are landmark issues as they show the death of a major comic book character for the first time and become a marker for the darker and edgier comics of the 1970s

 Amazing Spider-man # 121

Amazing Spider-man # 122

Peter Panzerfaust # 1

I have owned and sold four different NM copies of this little beauty and the value of the book just keeps rising, with the BBC doing an animated series based on the title soon it should keep on rising.

Tales Of Suspense # 57

The first appearance of one of the coolest characters in comics Hawkeye.

and from only  a few months previous to this issue Tales Of Suspense # 52
the debut of the Black Widow......

Amazing Spider-man # 129

Big fan of The Punisher so want this one in my collection.

The first time we meet The Punisher

Giant Size X-Men # 1 and Hulk # 181

Okay so we are getting into the realms of the very expensive here but mid grade copies should not be beyond my finances. Two very important books with Wolverines first full appearance in Hulk # 181 and the first time we see the new X-Men team ( Storm, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Colossus ) in Giant Size X-Men # 1

"It will be mine, oh yes it will be mine "

Crime Suspense Stories # 22

A golden age horror classic with a gruesome cover by the great Johnny Craig who would later go on to draw Iron Man. This issue was featured in the book Seduction Of The Innocent by psychiatrist Frederick Wertham a tome that put the blame for Americas juvenile delinquency problems on the shoulders of comic books. I love all the 1950s horror comics and i do own a few but for any horror comic collector it is the EC books that are the holy grail.

You have to find a way to get ahead.

Tomb Of Dracula # 10

First appearance of the vampire killer Blade, played on the big screen by Wesley Snipes

Blade 1970s style.

New Mutants # 98

The debut of the Merc with the mouth Deadpool. I have owned copies of this comic numerous times i want a 9.8 copy of one of my favorite characters.

Batman # 227

One of my all time favorite covers, this cover swipe of Detective Comics # 31 by Neal Adams can be very expensive in high grade, i owned one once, i want it back.

and another Adams classic Batman #232 the first Ra's Al Ghul........

Its time to start getting my collection back together.

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