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Alien Invasion Of Family Home

  The Kentucky Alien Invasion

 How many of us have wished to have an encounter with Aliens? Many people have witnessed UFOs but how many people claim to have seen an actual being from outer space? Below is a brief precis of events that happened to one unlucky family.


  On the night of August 21, 1955  a Kentucky family would have an incredible battle with a group of small alien creatures.


Billy Ray Taylor and his wife were visiting the Sutton family farm on this particular night. Billy Ray at one point left the house to go  to fetch water from the Sutton family well. While drawing water, he witnessed an "immense, shining object" landing about a quarter of a mile from the house. Excited and frightened, he ran back to the house with the news, but no one took him very seriously.


Soon after Billy Rays sighting the family dogs began to bark outside. The man of the house, "Lucky" Sutton  along with Billy Ray went outside to see what the problem was. You can imagine how stunned they both were when they saw a three to four foot tall creature, making its way toward them with its hands up. The two men described the creature as like nothing they had ever seen before. It had large eyes, long thin mouth, thin, short legs, large ears, and its hand ended with claws. Billy Ray fired his .22 caliber rifle, and Lucky fired his shotgun. The barrage of bullets had no effect whatsoever on the creature.


Both men knew that they had hit their target at that close range. But the small creature did a back flip, and then scurried off into the woods. The two men went back into the house, but soon another creature was seen looking at them through a window. The two men once again blasted away at the being, and ran outside to see if they had killed it, but found nothing. A large hole was later seen through the screen where the shots had been fired.


  The creatures would appear and disappear throughout the night. Realizing that they were up against something out of the ordinary, the family decided to make a run from the house, and ask for assistance from the police station in the near by small city of Hopkinsville. It took two vehicles to hold everyone, but off they went. After hearing their bizarre story, Sheriff Russell Greenwell thought they were joking. Finally the family convinced him that they were not making up their story, and Greenwell decided to go investigate the Sutton farm house.

When the police arrived at the farm house  after a search of the area no evidence of any creatures was found. However, they did find numerous bullet holes through the windows and walls of the house. Over twenty policeman were involved in the search. The police admitted that the Suttons were not drunk, and genuinely frightened by something or someone. Nearby neighbors did confirm strange "lights in the sky," and "hearing of bullets being fired." The police left at 2:15 AM.


After the police had left the scene, the aliens returned, and the earlier gun battle was repeated. The gunfire just had no effect on the creatures. All together, eleven people were present at the Sutton family farmhouse.


Not all of the eleven witnessed the strange events of the night. June Taylor was too frightened to look, and Lonnie Lankford, and his brother and sister were hidden during the encounter,but that still left seven witnesses in all to the encounter. The police department requested the Air Force to investigate the happenings at the Sutton house. Like the police they also did a search of the house and surrounding area, but once again without any evidence being found.


The morning of the Air Force search, Lucky and Billy Ray had gone out of town on family business. The five remaining witnesses  were interviewed by Air Force personnel, giving their full account of the previous nights events. The story of the battle with the small aliens spread quickly, and the local newspaper the Kentucky "New Era"  published a story of the family's encounter on August 22, 1955.


Initially, most of the public believed the Sutton's were perpetuating a hoax. If this was the case though what would be their reason? They made no money from the story, only accruing debt by damaging their own house. Surely they would not have gone to all that troublejust to get their name in the local newspaper? All of the witnesses to the strange events of the night of August 21, 1955, drew sketches of what the creatures looked like. The drawings were practically identical. Almost a year later, the case was investigated by Isabel Davis. She believed that the Sutton's were telling the truth. Well known UFO investigator Dr. J. Allen Hynek also believed the account of the Kelly aliens, and discussed the case with Davis. This case is still being investigated today, and remains one of the most intriguing Alien mysteries.

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