Sunday, 10 February 2013

Time Travel For Real - Time Slips

Imagine you were given the chance to get into a time machine and travel back to the past, time travel has long been a staple subject of Science Fiction movies and stories, but is it possible that people have found themselves in a different time period to their own? Unwittingly traveling into the past, finding themselves in strange surroundings which they have only seen before in old films or the history books? There are a surprising number of accounts from people who claim to have experienced just that.                                                                    

In Liverpool, England there is a street, Bold Street, where there have been numerous reports  of time slip events, most of the accounts concerning Bold Street involve witnesses finding themselves in the Liverpool of the 1950s or 60s. A young lady once found herself chatting to a gentleman on a bench while she enjoyed her lunch, thinking that the man was dressed very smartly, albeit very old fashioned for modern times, his suit looked more suited to the 1950s, she was surprised to find that the gentleman had disappeared just after she had turned around for a second to throw her sandwich wrapper in the bin. One man while walking past St Lukes church, near to Bold Street, was astonished to see the church lit up and complete with roof, the church had been pretty much destroyed to rubble during the Liverpool blitz during the war, naturally the man thought that St Lukes had received some extensive renovation, a few days later the man revisiting the street found the church back to how he was normally familiar, derelict.          
Marty fetch the De Lorean

One of the more well known time slip events occurred in France in October 1979, two married couples the Gisbys and the Simpsons traveling through France on their way to Spain stopped en route in a very old fashioned hotel. The couples who did not speak any French were perplexed how everyone they met at the hotel seemed to belong to another era including the local Gendarme, the windows of the hotel contained no glass, even the cutlery seemed archaic, despite this the couples enjoyed their stay and were even more pleased with their bill of only 18 francs! When returning on the way back to England the holidaymakers decided to stop at the strange hotel again, only to find after searching for several hours that they were unable to find it. Photographs they had taken of the hotel turned out blank, even disappearing from the negative.

In December 2004 an American couple Mark and Julia set out to discover the Catskill Mountains. After taking random roads and driving round aimlessly the couple found themselves lost and to make matters worse it began to snow, heavily. Seeing lights shining in the distance they headed towards them and found themselves in a very curious looking Gas Station, the station had non of the products for sale that one would associate with a modern station, just some Coke that was in bottles and some Hershey bars that bore a strange label. They were soon approached by an attendant who asked if their "fancy" truck needed filling up, normally at this time Mark was paying $50 to fill up his tank, the cost on this occasion was $2.85 , the attendant apologized for the high price explaining it was due to the war! When returning to to try to find the Gas Station a few days later it could not be found

So have people really traveled back in time and experienced life as it was then? Accounts like these are often described by the witness as dreamlike, trees and buildings are described as being flat and unrealistic as if they have been painted. Could it be that the experience is some sort of mass haunting? Whatever the explanation for these events the persons that have experienced them feel sure of there reality and perhaps there are parts of the world which can act as a portal to another time or place or maybe dimension.

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