Tuesday, 5 February 2013


If there is one area of paranormal study i have little time for it is so called Psychics, at best i think they are misguided at worst complete charlatans and even dangerous. Over the years i have studied them quite a bit and have attended a couple of shows, i am far from convinced. I enjoyed the moment on Most Haunted when Derek Acorah was set up by one of the crew, the crew member within earshot of Acorah mentioned that the castle they were filming at was haunted by the ghost of a South African jailer named Kreed Kafer, of course when live on air Acorah is dramatically possessed by the spirit of the phantom jailer unfortunately for him Kreed Kafer was just an anagram of Derek Faker! The following week things got worse for Acorah when he made contact again, this time with the spirit of Rik Eadles, of course he was to stupid to realise Rik Eadles is anagram of Derek Lies.

By far my favourite psychic is Shirley Ghostman played by the brilliant Marc Wooton, just look at the shock on the audiences faces when Shirley gets in contact with Princess Diana!

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