Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Is possible for a body to levitate?
Is it possible to hover above the ground unsupported by ropes or a platform?

It has been claimed for thousands of years by practitioners of many of the worlds religions that levitation is for real, in the christian religion there are numerous accounts of saints who it is claimed could levitate, in the bible it is written that Jesus walked upon Lake Galilee. The Hindus believe that levitation is possible by mastering the Hindu discipline of Yoga and levitation is a staple belief within the teachings of Buddha.

In the 19th century it was quite common in a seance to see the medium levitate, the vast majority of  these acts however were proved to be frauds using wires and stage magic tricks to produce the illusion.
One gentleman famous for his levitation skills was Daniel Douglas Home. Homes' skills in levitation became legendary in a career that lasted 40 years, it has been claimed that Home would often disappear out of one window and come back in the room through another!

It is very likely that levitation is just a trick, although sometimes a very clever one.

Here are two videos i found on youtube, the 1st shows a man walking with his dog in a Russian forest stumbling upon a young girl seemingly levitating way above the ground, this is very cleverly done, in the second a Buddhist monk shows off his levitation skills, in this one though i do wonder why he sits with his back to the curtains, still an interesting video


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