Thursday, 31 January 2013

Robert The Haunted Doll And The Doll That Aged In The Attic

I just love weird scary stories and these two are scarier than most.:


ROBERT THE HAUNTED DOLL:  Robert the Doll was originally given to Key West painter and author ( Robert ) Eugene Otto by a servant of his family, legend has it that the servant who was familiar with Voodoo and Black Magic cursed the doll after becoming displeased at the way he was treated by the Otto family. It soon became clear to the Otto family that something was very wrong with the doll, they would often hear Eugene in conversation with the doll and it became obvious to them that two distinct voices were being heard, neighbours would claim that they would see the doll moving about the house when the Ottos were not at home and the family would often catch a glimpse of Robert running from room to room, a terrifying high pitched giggle would sometimes be heard emanating from the room which housed the doll and many guests would claim to see Roberts expression change in front of their eyes, during the night Eugene would often be heard screaming, when his parents would rush into his room to investigate they would find furniture moved or broken with Eugene screaming " Robert did it, Robert did it ".

After Eugene's death in 1974 Robert was stored away into the attic of the house until new owners moved in. The new owners had a young daughter who now took ownership of the sweet looking doll Robert. It was not long before screams once more filled the house as the young girl claimed Robert moved around her bedroom and attempted to kill her, to this day the girl claims this is the truth.
Robert now lives at a museum in Key West, you can visit him there if you like but remember if you want to take a photograph you must ask his permission first, because if you don't see him nod his head to one side his curse will be on you.

THE ANCIENT DOLL IN THE ATTIC: Imagine if you will walking into your attic to have a clear out, you need some more space and remember that you stored many of your children's old toys away 11 years ago, boxing up the old stuff you suddenly find this!

The shock the poor home owner must have felt when finding this!
No reason has yet been found for why the doll aged like this, it has a very human like expression and zombie like mummified skin, rumour has it that the doll changed hands for quite a large sum of money, whether that is true or not i don't know but i do know you would have to pay me to keep it.

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