Wednesday, 9 January 2013



The original version of this movie scared the beejebus out of myself and some friends when it was released in 1976, one of two consecutive movies directed by Brian De Palma ( the other being The Fury ) that feature telekinesis. The ending in the original version when the supposedly dead Carries' hand shoots out of her grave to grab at Amy Irvings character Sue Snell must be one of the most memorable moments in horror film history, it certainly led to bums off seats and flying popcorn in the cinema when i watched it, a new version is being released in 2013, featuring the young actress of " Kick Ass " fame Chloe Moretz as the unfortunate Carrie, Sissy Spacek was brilliant in the 1976 version and will surely be hard to top but Miss Moretz is a very talented young lady so don't be surprised if she puts in a major league performance, with top actress Julianne Moore playing Carries mother i for one cannot wait to see it.

UPDATE: Finally got to see this movie today, not sure if i liked it as much as Brian De Palma's original but lets face it the original was so good it didn't really need re-making. The film does seem to me a bit closer to the book though in its content and features some fine performances from Chloe Moretz as the titular character and Julianne Anne Moore as her mother.

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