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Although this blog normally concentrates on things more out of left field ie UFOs, strange happenings, the unexplained etc i feel compelled to write this piece after reading a few articles on the internet today concerning a certain Jimmy Savile.
Just how did this monster manage to get away with his perverted lifestyle under the full gaze of the British Media for six decades?
As many as 450 people have come forward with accusations against Savile since this scandal broke in October 2012, the youngest victim being just 8 years of age at the time of their alleged assault with the oldest being 47, police have concluded he probably got away with as many as 214 abuse crimes with 34 of these being rape, can anyone explain how this man, darling of the BBC during the 1970s and 80s, managed to avoid arrest during his lifetime?

Savile with former Prime Minister Edward Heath

This whole catalogue of injustice is beyond belief, this pervert was friends with the royal family especially Prince Phillip and was known as a mentor to Prince Charles! He claimed to have spent  Christmas Days / New Years Eves at the home of Margret Thatcher the then British Prime Minister, rumors had been rife within the walls of the BBC for many years before his death in 2011, it seems unbelievable that the British Secret Service did not do background checks on this man, what did they  find, he had befriended the future king of England and the Prime Minister did they not look into his lifestyle?

Since this scandal came to light in October 2012 numerous celebrities have came forward recalling how there were always rumors about Savile how they always thought he was a bit of a strange one etc and yet somehow even with this background of rumor and innuendo Savile was knighted and became an OBE in respect of his fund raising efforts for charity, indeed he was also awarded a Papal knighthood by the Catholic Church.
In David Ickes' book  "The Biggest Secret" written in 1998 Mr Icke accuses Savile and other prominent members of the British elite of paedophilia, at the time the book was dismissed and ridiculed as the rantings of an eccentric conspiracy theorist but history has proved Ickes accusations against Savile as being correct. During 2008 Savile started legal proceedings against the SUN newspaper which had linked him to the child abuse scandal that was being invested at Haut de la Garenne a children's home on Jersey in the Channel Islands, Savile claimed he had never visited Haut de la Garennes and yet later photographs proved that he had indeed visited the place on at least one occasion however due to legal pressure the SUN were forced to retract their accusations.

Through his charity work Savile was granted certain privileges at Stoke Mandeville hospital
were he had his own room and own set of keys to the wards, 22 of his 214 offences are alleged to have been committed on this hospitals grounds, former nurses who worked at Stoke Mandeville have claimed they advised patients to pretend to be asleep when Savile visited in order to avoid his inappropriate behaviour, Savile also worked as a volunteer porter at Leeds Infirmary where fellow porters have now claimed he took underage girls into private rooms.
So just how did Savile manage to carry out his perverted lifestyle and evade arrest for six decades while being in the limelight?
 The only plausible answer seems to be a cover up, a cover up that must have included many very high ranking people in British society, who these people were / are is open to conjecture but you can read all sorts of accusations of names, people, places and crimes that are allegedly connected to this case with a quick search on the internet, it is astounding that no one from the British media came forward during Saviles career to accuse him, he must have believed he was untouchable, what gave him that belief?
We will probably never find out all the facts surrounding this case, it looks possible that with some of the recent arrests of minor British celebrities that a smoke screen is being erected to perhaps hide
the fact that the branches of this case reach up to far higher places than we are being shown, the victims of Savile deserve an investigation that explains how his perverted actions were allowed to happen in plain site for nearly 60 years , but will they get one? I doubt it.

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