Thursday, 31 January 2013

Robert The Haunted Doll And The Doll That Aged In The Attic

I just love weird scary stories and these two are scarier than most.:


ROBERT THE HAUNTED DOLL:  Robert the Doll was originally given to Key West painter and author ( Robert ) Eugene Otto by a servant of his family, legend has it that the servant who was familiar with Voodoo and Black Magic cursed the doll after becoming displeased at the way he was treated by the Otto family. It soon became clear to the Otto family that something was very wrong with the doll, they would often hear Eugene in conversation with the doll and it became obvious to them that two distinct voices were being heard, neighbours would claim that they would see the doll moving about the house when the Ottos were not at home and the family would often catch a glimpse of Robert running from room to room, a terrifying high pitched giggle would sometimes be heard emanating from the room which housed the doll and many guests would claim to see Roberts expression change in front of their eyes, during the night Eugene would often be heard screaming, when his parents would rush into his room to investigate they would find furniture moved or broken with Eugene screaming " Robert did it, Robert did it ".

After Eugene's death in 1974 Robert was stored away into the attic of the house until new owners moved in. The new owners had a young daughter who now took ownership of the sweet looking doll Robert. It was not long before screams once more filled the house as the young girl claimed Robert moved around her bedroom and attempted to kill her, to this day the girl claims this is the truth.
Robert now lives at a museum in Key West, you can visit him there if you like but remember if you want to take a photograph you must ask his permission first, because if you don't see him nod his head to one side his curse will be on you.

THE ANCIENT DOLL IN THE ATTIC: Imagine if you will walking into your attic to have a clear out, you need some more space and remember that you stored many of your children's old toys away 11 years ago, boxing up the old stuff you suddenly find this!

The shock the poor home owner must have felt when finding this!
No reason has yet been found for why the doll aged like this, it has a very human like expression and zombie like mummified skin, rumour has it that the doll changed hands for quite a large sum of money, whether that is true or not i don't know but i do know you would have to pay me to keep it.

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Little People

A picture that fooled even the great Arthur Conan Doyle

In many countries especially in parts of Britain ,Ireland and Scandinavia many people have a fascination with The Little People, the fairy folk , the Dwarfs, Imps, Goblins and Leprechauns of legend.
It is possible this fascination stems from the fairy tales we are told as children, stories such as Rumpelstiltskin  / Tommy Tit Tot, the Elves and the Shoemaker, Snow White, set images of fairy folk in our unconscious minds from a very early age.
In 1917 two young girls Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright who lived in Cottingley Yorkshire faked photographs of fairies using cut outs they took from an old book of fairy tales, the interest in these photographs swept round the world attracting such notaries as Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini to look into their authenticity, Conan Doyle who had a keen interest in the Paranormal and Spiritualism believed the pictures were for real, indeed many people believed them to be authentic until in the early 1980s Elsie and Frances admitted to faking the photographs, even then Frances maintained that the fifth and final photograph was genuine. A movie Fairy Tale a True Story told the story of the Cottingley fairies ( strangely Mel Gibson makes an uncredited appearance at the very end of this movie ).

Many fairy folk are believed to be malevolent creatures, Imps and Goblins are associated with causing menace and there will be a price to pay if you happen to steal a Leprechauns gold, even the good old Tooth Fairy has been worked into many horror movies as an evil entity.
With the technology available to us today, mobile phones and video cameras owned by most people it would be surprising if there was not a few photographs and videos recorded of little people available on the internet whether they be fake or not. A few years ago a craze for capturing images of Gnomes, Dwarfs etc seemed to sweep South America mainly started by this particular video:

Is it a clever fake, a tiny person, or a real live Gnome?

What about this one?

Very funny, probably a puppet pulled by strings.

Or my particular favourite one from the UK

So cleverly done this one.

It looks like the human races fascination with the little people will not be ending any time soon.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Scariest Video Ever

Found this video recently on Youtube, incredibly scary and really well made, the kid that filmed this deserves a chance to ply his trade professionally, awesome!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Some Great UFO Footage Taken Over New York 2013

Some nice footage taken over New York this year, hard one to call what the object is, the film maker shows the object using different filters, until the object flies off my initial thought was balloon, if the footage hasn't been tampered with it is interesting stuff.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I have lived in the same house for over 20 years, in that time periodically we have suffered from strange events, stuff being moved, things being banged, felt as if we are being stroked etc, we have seen wine glasses move along a table, we have had small golden balls float through our living room, to feel someone get into bed beside you or call your name to wake you up is not uncommon, i decided to film my living room over night to see if i could capture anything, the first night i got nothing but the second night i recorded this, you have to watch carefully but you can see a DVD being pulled from the bottom of the TV stand, you actually hear it being pulled as if it is taking some effort to move it, have a look. If you have ever asked yourself are ghosts real or have written off ghost stories as nonsense then you want to try living in my house.

Monday, 14 January 2013


Been searching around the net to find some of the more realistic looking ghost pictures, many you find are obviously faked or photo shopped, i put these together as they were some of the more realistic and strange looking ones out there, there is even one showing a ghost bending down to pat a dog and one seen amidst a football crowd!

Friday, 11 January 2013


Although this blog normally concentrates on things more out of left field ie UFOs, strange happenings, the unexplained etc i feel compelled to write this piece after reading a few articles on the internet today concerning a certain Jimmy Savile.
Just how did this monster manage to get away with his perverted lifestyle under the full gaze of the British Media for six decades?
As many as 450 people have come forward with accusations against Savile since this scandal broke in October 2012, the youngest victim being just 8 years of age at the time of their alleged assault with the oldest being 47, police have concluded he probably got away with as many as 214 abuse crimes with 34 of these being rape, can anyone explain how this man, darling of the BBC during the 1970s and 80s, managed to avoid arrest during his lifetime?

Savile with former Prime Minister Edward Heath

This whole catalogue of injustice is beyond belief, this pervert was friends with the royal family especially Prince Phillip and was known as a mentor to Prince Charles! He claimed to have spent  Christmas Days / New Years Eves at the home of Margret Thatcher the then British Prime Minister, rumors had been rife within the walls of the BBC for many years before his death in 2011, it seems unbelievable that the British Secret Service did not do background checks on this man, what did they  find, he had befriended the future king of England and the Prime Minister did they not look into his lifestyle?

Since this scandal came to light in October 2012 numerous celebrities have came forward recalling how there were always rumors about Savile how they always thought he was a bit of a strange one etc and yet somehow even with this background of rumor and innuendo Savile was knighted and became an OBE in respect of his fund raising efforts for charity, indeed he was also awarded a Papal knighthood by the Catholic Church.
In David Ickes' book  "The Biggest Secret" written in 1998 Mr Icke accuses Savile and other prominent members of the British elite of paedophilia, at the time the book was dismissed and ridiculed as the rantings of an eccentric conspiracy theorist but history has proved Ickes accusations against Savile as being correct. During 2008 Savile started legal proceedings against the SUN newspaper which had linked him to the child abuse scandal that was being invested at Haut de la Garenne a children's home on Jersey in the Channel Islands, Savile claimed he had never visited Haut de la Garennes and yet later photographs proved that he had indeed visited the place on at least one occasion however due to legal pressure the SUN were forced to retract their accusations.

Through his charity work Savile was granted certain privileges at Stoke Mandeville hospital
were he had his own room and own set of keys to the wards, 22 of his 214 offences are alleged to have been committed on this hospitals grounds, former nurses who worked at Stoke Mandeville have claimed they advised patients to pretend to be asleep when Savile visited in order to avoid his inappropriate behaviour, Savile also worked as a volunteer porter at Leeds Infirmary where fellow porters have now claimed he took underage girls into private rooms.
So just how did Savile manage to carry out his perverted lifestyle and evade arrest for six decades while being in the limelight?
 The only plausible answer seems to be a cover up, a cover up that must have included many very high ranking people in British society, who these people were / are is open to conjecture but you can read all sorts of accusations of names, people, places and crimes that are allegedly connected to this case with a quick search on the internet, it is astounding that no one from the British media came forward during Saviles career to accuse him, he must have believed he was untouchable, what gave him that belief?
We will probably never find out all the facts surrounding this case, it looks possible that with some of the recent arrests of minor British celebrities that a smoke screen is being erected to perhaps hide
the fact that the branches of this case reach up to far higher places than we are being shown, the victims of Savile deserve an investigation that explains how his perverted actions were allowed to happen in plain site for nearly 60 years , but will they get one? I doubt it.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013



The original version of this movie scared the beejebus out of myself and some friends when it was released in 1976, one of two consecutive movies directed by Brian De Palma ( the other being The Fury ) that feature telekinesis. The ending in the original version when the supposedly dead Carries' hand shoots out of her grave to grab at Amy Irvings character Sue Snell must be one of the most memorable moments in horror film history, it certainly led to bums off seats and flying popcorn in the cinema when i watched it, a new version is being released in 2013, featuring the young actress of " Kick Ass " fame Chloe Moretz as the unfortunate Carrie, Sissy Spacek was brilliant in the 1976 version and will surely be hard to top but Miss Moretz is a very talented young lady so don't be surprised if she puts in a major league performance, with top actress Julianne Moore playing Carries mother i for one cannot wait to see it.

UPDATE: Finally got to see this movie today, not sure if i liked it as much as Brian De Palma's original but lets face it the original was so good it didn't really need re-making. The film does seem to me a bit closer to the book though in its content and features some fine performances from Chloe Moretz as the titular character and Julianne Anne Moore as her mother.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Pilgrim

Very loosely based on an old Russian folk tale.

Many years ago, a very tired and hungry pilgrim wandered towards a village at dusk, he had been traveling all day and hoped to find a bed and shelter for the evening. As he neared the edge of the village he spotted a graveyard and in the corner of his eye he noticed something move , he crouched down behind an old tree trunk and quietly watched as a figure arose from within one of the graves, the figure, white and spectral slowly glided out of the graveyard and headed towards the town. With his curiosity peaked the pilgrim walked into the graveyard and found one of the tombs with its stone lid slid halfway open, looking into the half open grave the pilgrim noticed a rotting corpse that had evidently been there for sometime, the phantom obviously shared the grave with a mortal man who had unwittingly become landlord to the unholy creature , the wise pilgrim forced back the top of the grave, sat on top of it and waited.
After an hour or so the spectral Creature returned, seeing the pilgrim sitting atop of its resting place the foul phantom hissed and backed away slightly before saying with a snakelike voice " Who dares to shut off my tomb ?"
Calmly and showing no fear at all the pilgrim replied  " I do and you will not return to it until you have satisfied my curiosity to what you have been up to this evening ".
At this the Creature visibly changed, it grew in height exposing its skeletal features beneath its rotting shroud, its massive jaw opened revealing enormous fangs as talons popped from its bony fingers, it screamed as it flew towards the pilgrim its fetid breath hitting the pilgrims face, but the pilgrim was fast and backed away quickly and from behind his back he pulled forth a large silver crucifix, 
" Back Demon" the pilgrim cried as he held the cross towards the Creature. At this the Creature calmed and returned to his spectral form and replied " Very well "
 " If you must know what i have been doing this evening i shall tell you, i am what you humans sometimes call a Vampyre only it is not blood that i seek , it is souls, i am a harvester of souls, i have just drained the life force from two young sisters in the nearby village, in just one hour they will be dead and their souls will become mine, their life force will belong to me, feeding on human souls makes me immortal however i cannot remain outside of a tomb for very long so let me go back to the grave " After hearing the Creatures words the pilgrim now knew he had something with which to barter. " Tell me foul thing " said the pilgrim 
" Is there a way that the two sisters souls could be saved this evening if i promise to let you return to your stinking abode? "
" Yes  " said the Creature 
" But you must promise on the souls of your own children that we have a bargain and once i have told you the way to release these sisters from the grip of death you will let me return to my tomb "
The pilgrim promised to keep his side of the bargain and the phantom recounted the ingredients of the potion that would be required to save the poor sisters souls, the pilgrim ran to the edge of the woods and quickly gathered the hemlock, wolfsbane and root of mandrake which when ground and added to water would make the life saving elixir.
On reaching the village the pilgrim soon found the house in which lived the endangered siblings, a crowd had gathered outside of their house and crying and lamenting could be heard from outside, the pilgrim entered the building to find the children's mother and father crouched heartbroken over their child's beds and members of the family close by, trying to comfort and console each other,
" Please, let me help " announced the pilgrim.
" But who are you ?" asked the father of the girls
" Never mind " said the pilgrim " Just trust me " and at this he ran for the kitchen and began to boil water for his potion. After grinding with a pestle and mortar the plants the pilgrim had gathered were added to the boiled water, the potion was now ready and was poured into two cups, one cup each was given to the girls parents and they were told to pour some of the mixture into each dying girls mouth, the results were instantaneous, immediately some colour returned to their faces, they began to mumble as if dreaming and then finally they awakened looking none the worse for their experience.The family were so happy they began to dance around the beds of the sisters, " Oh pilgrim"  said the father
" How can we ever repay you for your wisdom and kindness ?"
" Please " the pilgrim replied
" Just some food and drink and a warm bed for the evening and perhaps a hearty breakfast before i make my way then you will have more than repaid me " At this all who were present agreed that the pilgrims modest request was a small price to pay for what he had achieved and the pilgrim ate a hearty meal washed down with some fine ale and retired to a comfortable bed for the evening.
The sun shone brightly in the morning through the bedroom window where the pilgrim slept, he awoke and tried to shield his eyes from the bright glare of the morning sun, it was then that he noticed that his hands and feet were bound to the four corners of the bed!
" You must face your death " said the mayor of the town as he walked into the pilgrims bedroom,
" The punishment for witchcraft in this village is to be burnt at the stake "
The poor pilgrim could not believe his own ears, he tried to explain, he told the villagers of the Creature, explained how he had risked his own life and the souls of his own children to save the souls of the two sisters but his protestations fell on dead ears.
At dusk the pilgrim was carried out into the center of the town and tied a few feet off the ground to a large stake, the villagers built a nest of birch and yew branches around the bottom of the stake which were lit by a torch held by the mayor, as the smoke and heat from the fire seared towards him the pilgrim could just make out the old village graveyard in the distant end of town and through his watering eyes saw the Creature arise once again from the grave , just before he passed out with pain, as the flames licked at his legs he saw the Creature point towards him as a hissing voice whispered on the wind " Your soul, its mine, its mine ".

Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Hunters Moon, The Curse of the Lycanthrope

Heres a short story i wrote a few years back.

"Even he who is pure of heart and says his prayers at night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the moon is full and bright".

  In my time i have been known by many many names, Grendel, Peter Stubb, Gilles Garnier, Lycaon even the Beast of Gevaudan, my modern name is Werewolf my ancient name is Lycan. I have wandered this realm for millennia cursed by what i am and by that on which i need to feed, a parasite on my half brother, a lone survivor of a forgotten race.
Once again i find myself alone, an outcast, a pariah unable to seek solace in a woman or a warm fireplace like a mortal man, but fleeing like a leper to a woods or a cave to serve my lonely sentence away from they who might harm me, they who do not understand.
I was once a fierce warrior, loved by my kind and feared by my enemy, but alas my race has gone. I once caught a scent on the wind of one my kind, it was Paris in 1789, my veins pulsed and my heart soared and then he was gone, lost in the crowd of revolutionaries, to this day i have never sensed again one of my own.
I had a lover once, a mortal girl of great beauty, i chose her because i knew she could not bare a child, i could not put this curse upon another, for five years we were happy, she knew nothing of my state, my blood lust i could not control, and then they came for me, as they always do, with pitchfork and flame, they tortured her to get to me, she died, i fled , the pain was so great i chose never to love again. I still miss her warmth.

For two centuries now i have walked alone, my only belongings are my books, what need have i of modern words when i have Dante ,Shakespeare and Dickens? I live off Gaea, from the river, the tree and  the bush, it is strange but my blood lust is much calmer these days, content am i to feed on fruit and berry and roadside kill  the mountain stream is my tap, until of course it rises again , my lunar hex.
Its darkening now and so i wait, senses heightening, clouds tumble past and i feel my temperature rise, blood pumps fast and heart rate quickens, i watch as my nails turn to talons and fingers turn to claw, my hunger begins to take over me as the clouds pull back like curtains to reveal the moon, a full moon, a Hunters moon

Incredible UFO Footage

Some new footage filmed by a father and son near Dundee in Scotland, this one would be pretty hard to debunk, this is not the oft seen grainy or blurry footage, it is definitely not fake, no man made aircraft make moves like this yet the objects certainly seem to be controlled and not blown around like weather balloons or Chinese lanterns would be. the interaction between the father and son is completely natural and not contrived which adds to the genuity of the film, all in all one of the best spots for a while.