Saturday, 22 December 2012

Triangular Shaped Craft Spotted in Canada.

I was recently having a drink  in a local pub when i was approached by friend who introduced me to a pal of his, knowing that i have a keen interest  in the UFO phenomena he was sure that i would be interested in the story his pal had to tell, the man, middle aged and semi retired lived in the English midlands but owned a holiday home in Canada in the middle of nowhere, a really secluded place which had an hours drive to the nearest store and no other dwellings within walking distance apart from one neighbor ( a Canadian citizen ) who's home was only 100ft or so away.

One night with his wife retired for the evening the man ( lets call him Eric ) decided that he was going to sit outside on the patio area and relax with a glass of something, just chill, and look up at the stars, he had not been sitting out long before he noticed that something looked wrong about the sky, the way he described it was that there seemed to be a patch where the stars were obscured by something, after going back inside to fetch binoculars he carried on observing when suddenly three bright red lights appeared in the area of the patch just described, it was at this point he noticed that there appeared to be an outline joining the lights which formed a triangular shape and Eric realised what he was seeing was some type of craft, Eric decided to run over and inform his neighbor, to his surprise the neighbor came out took a quick look up at the sky and announced " Oh, their back again huh! " and went off back inside!
Eric observed the craft for a few more minutes before it slowly moved off into the distance, now sightings of triangular craft have been relatively common over the years so my first question was  " How big did it look, the size of a car, bus ? " Eric then laughed and this was his reply " A car a bus? , it was the size of about 3 or 4 football pitches put together! It was enormous "
Now i have got to know Eric quite well since this time and have found him not to be a man predisposed to lying or for that matter exaggeration, if he says that's what he saw that's what he saw.

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